Early outcomes of Art Thinking (or Color Thinking)

Throughout the day I am more likely to refer to it as Color Thinking, or say to myself ‘Think in Color’ when I’m catching myself being too cerebral. I’m doing it quite often – when I feel that tinge of discomfort as I encounter certain people in my life, or feel that edge of stress just prior to a critical meeting. I used to remind myself to take deep breaths; now I do that and prompt myself to Think In Color. It let’s my mind keep chugging as it simply will do, but at least I’ve changed the flavor, the essence. It’s soothing. 

I’ve been actively applying Color Thinking for a week, and nurturing this practice with immersing myself in more art. Nothing dramatic, but even simple things, like perusing Pinterest, exploring, filtering, digging for those images that hum; usually they are simple and colorful drawings with ink and watercolor, or doodles in natural and floral patterns. I’ve picked up the book Art as Therapy, recently highlighted on the This…is interesting podcast. And, of course, doodling and casual art – picking up pens or water color and letting the tools drift across the paper as I let my mind think in color.

Today something very special happened, that convinces me there is something to this. Every few weeks I visit with a naturopathic healer who specializes in working with energy and chakras. That in itself has been an interesting journey as I am ever the skeptic and, did I mention I was very cerebral and logical? He’s been very patient with me; I suspect I’ve been one of his more challenging clients, and maybe also one of his most interesting.

In the past I’ve frequently come to him very ‘verklempt’  – simply put, systemically constipated with bad energy and tension. Not today. Today I was in a pretty good place and I feel strongly that this experiment of thinking in art, in color, has played a significant role (although there are definitely other factors at play, more of which I’ll go into another time).

Today I came in very relaxed, my heart space already more open and free than usual. In fact, instead of me wanting to focus only on me and making it all about me, I was more interested in working on my relationship and connections with other people, and focus more on important people in my life, my husband, my children, my mom.

And I proceeded to have a mind blowing session. I kept up that mantra of thinking in color and not in words and ideas and problems. I let my mind keep moving as it just seems to always want to, but directed it towards colors, patterns, motion – beautiful swirling pattern. And suddenly my heart space opened even more, I felt it so strongly, saw it in a massive array of streams of small colorful spheres, millions of them. I normally don’t experience things very powerfully in sessions with Martin; this I felt. It swept through me, over me, carried me.

Another beautiful thing happened, as I embraced this experience. I felt a pull through my third eye, a current of energy that I saw, but more importantly felt as joy and love. And I have to say here, since I haven’t been writing this blog very long and you don’t know me all that well yet, I normally never write like this (joy, love, bliss – I don’t bliss out often) or have experiences this powerful. But lay there on that table grinning like a fool, because it truly was a beautiful thing.

And in that current there were these flashes, these moments of glimpses into something else. It was like being behind a waterfall, a stunning and mesmerizing waterfall, but every once in a while noticing the curtain of water part and seeing something else even more intense just behind it, just on the other side of that powerful flow.

A teaser into the future, into that next dimension of understanding and awareness. One step closer to my True Self.

I think I’ll keep experimenting with this Art Thinking…

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