Because you have to start somewhere, and every next step is a new start. To really get somewhere you have to never stop starting….and never be afraid to start again.

3/13/16 Patterns still emerging of how I want to work on this blog – I’d like to get into a routine to encourage progress and forward movement, but never too structured that it doesn’t allow for emergence of something new. Several new posts in last week – no longer daily, but coming up with other formats. And I need to tackle making connections.

Types of blogs so far:

  1. Single theme
  2. Bits and pieces – gathering a number of different little things of the week for later
  3. Hybrid – bits and pieces that fit a particular theme and the core message is still emerging

3/7/16 Tried a different type of blog, just because I wanted to, mixed bits of things, rather than one topic. I think I like it, mixed in with other versions.

3/6/16 2 posts today, not planned, but something really cool happened that I had to share, partly as a outcome to my thinking in color experiment. And kicked of another experiment.

3/5/16 post on mental energy gas tank; I like to write about what inspired me that day before it gets lost in notes

3/4/16 2nd post, this time about story thinking.

3/3/16 Started lists – easiest place to start. And then, because I had momentum and was inspired by recent experimenting, wrote my first post about art thinking.

2/26/16 Because you have to start somewhere.